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With over 115 dedicated staff across 21 branches, we make sure selling your home is our number one priority. But what can you do to help secure a quick sale at the right price? Take a look through our top 10 selling tips to find out how to help achieve that sale!


  1. Give your home some kerb appeal! We all know first impressions are very important, and the exterior of your home will give an indication to prospective purchasers of what the inside is like. Mow the lawn, sweep the paths and drives, trim hedges and consider placing hanging baskets,flower tubs or shrubs at the front of the property. Why not repaint the front door and make sure letterboxes and brass numbers are polished.
  2. Light is incredibly important. Make sure you pull back curtains and blinds and clean the windows inside and out. Your home will look bigger and brighter. Artificial light is also critical, so on dark, gloomy days or during the winter months, the use of table lamps and wall lights can create an inviting warm atmosphere.
  3. De-clutter. Put papers in the recycling bin; clothes, toys and toiletries in cupboards and drawers. Make sure there are no clothes left out on drying. You could also consider re-arranging the furniture and moving some pieces temporarily to the loft or a relative’s house. Again, it is another way of making a room look much bigger and maximising the impression of space.
  4. Atmosphere can really engage potential buyers and creating the right feel in your home will encourage purchasers to book a second viewing or even make an offer. Eliminate any negative smells, such as yesterday's evening meal or this morning's breakfast, and where necessary place air fresheners in rooms and light scented candles.
  5. Always keep pets under control. You may want to introduce the family dog to a friendly visitor, but it is safer to presume that a potential buyer has an allergy to animals. Consider asking a family member to pet sit for a couple of hours.
  6. Research as much information as you can concerning the amenities where you live. Schools, access to transport links, shops, leisure facilities and other attractions will be important to most viewers. Why not take a look at our Area Guides as a starting point.
  7. The personal touch is important, and whilst we do offer the option of an accompanied viewing service, occasionally it can be appropriate for you to show people around your home personally. Always remember when conducting viewings to allow prospective purchasers to enter your home through the main door and at the end of their visit, return to what you consider the best room, whether this be the lounge or dining kitchen.
  8. Viewers' requirements vary: for example, economic running costs might be important to first time buyers or the more mature but large gardens and spacious accommodation would be important to a growing family.
  9. Never apologise! Do not point out any negative features, such as a small bathroom or bedroom, or your house's situation in terms of a main road. Always be positive and aim to turn negatives around, for instance being near a main road is great for commuters as it allows them to get on with their morning journey as quickly as possible.
  10. To agree a sale fast, we advise implementing the relevant tips right awa. For instance, you may want to consider making the alterations mentioned in points one, two and three before you have had your photography taken, this will help present your property in the best light from the outset.

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