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Residential Reports

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide selection of residential survey reports to suit every need and with reports starting from as little as £350 +VAT they're excellent value too. Browse our selection below and to find the right report for you.


Valuation Report
A short report providing an independent and justified valuation with limited comment on quality and condition. Based on a limited inspection of approximately 20 to 30 minutes, plus subsequent research prior to preparation of the report.
Property Condition Report
A brief report on the overall condition of a property in as far as it affects value, with no advice on repairs or other associated matters. Based on a short inspection of approximately an hour. No valuation or buildings insurance calculation is provided.

Expert Witness Report
A detailed, in-depth unbiased analytical report on a veriety of matters aimed at providing formal dispute resolution between two parties.
RICS Homebuyer Survey
The RICS Homebuyer Survey is the most popular type of report and is a general assessment of the overall condition of a property, commenting on items that affect value but not minor repairs. It is based on an inspection of approximately 1½ to 2 hours, uses Condition Ratings to assess the overall condition and provides both a valuation and buildings insurance calculation.
Building Survey
A Building Survey is a comprehensive report on the quality and condition of a property - ideal for older properties, those in poor condition, or for those wanting a comprehensive report on condition. It is based on a detailed examination of between 2 to 4 hours and provides an in-depth analysis on the condition of a property, reports on major, general and minor defects and recommends the extent and timings of repairs required and incorporates photographs. 
Principal Elements Report
A Principle Elements report is similar in detail to a building survey but is limited to the main structural elements of the property, which does not include the fittings or services and does not include a valuation.
Specific Defect Report
This is a detailed report similar to the above but strictly limited to a single aspect of the property.
The cost of each property survey is dependent on a building's size and value, and start from just £350 +VAT. 
For a specific quote please contact your local surveyor or call 01943 885400.